Espère Healthcare Ltd

Working with research based partners in Europe and North America, Espère Healthcare Ltd has pioneered the development of a range of innovative solutions for the treatment of various skin and wound care related conditions.

Our products can be accessed via a number of specific websites which provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed choice regarding their use. We believe that it is important that prescribers, parents and patients have access to products that have been trialled, tested and found to be effective, so all our products start life in clinical settings.

Our Products

Cambridge Mask PRO
Animal Care
DermaSilk Intimo
DermaTherapy Bedding
MicroAir Barrier

Who We Are

Espère Healthcare Ltd specialises in the marketing and selling of medical devices and has pioneered the development of new niche markets for the management of certain dermatological and wound care conditions.

Founded in 2006, the company is majority owned by Dr Rupert Mason, Medical Director, Christopher Steeples, Managing Director, David Battershill, Chairman and Joanna Fletcher, Operations Director. We are supported by a UK wide sales, marketing and distribution network to serve the needs of doctors, nurses and their patients.

As a company we aim to provide innovative dermatology and wound care products to patients and healthcare providers throughout the UK and Ireland.

We supply products direct to customers either through our own websites and other specialist retail web sites, or via NHS prescriptions generated by UK hospitals and GP practices and serviced through retail pharmacies.